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List of the Fallen

Number Year Surname Initials Rank Unit Corps S I V A
7461 1900 Beresford G. BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 304
14263 1900 GARNER J BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 321
16021 1900 HITCHMAN J BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 262
18380 1900 Jefferies W.G. BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 312
25372 1900 Palmer F. BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 289
30368 1900 Taylor W BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 386
34271 1900 Wilson T. BSM Royal Field Artillery ARMY 321
Number of Friends Left Behind 7(7)


Contributions to this website are not only welcome, they are vital. Please add Stories and Dedications, images of the person, grave images and any other information that you have.

I get emailed a copy of the additions that you make and I will extract the information to update the database.

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