Person Number
812 *
Date of Birth
1983 153
Cuvelai, Angola
Full Names
Military Number
Death Age
2Lt  (327)


4th South African Infantry
Unknown Sub-Unit

Awards Unknown

I have no information on what awards (if any) this person received.

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Dedication by Douw
on 2009-01-21 16:46:39

Piet was a couple of years ahead of me at Affies.. He then went to study in Bloem and we met up again in basics. I found some pics of us the other day in an old dusty box. I remember Piet from school as artistic and Mr. Deichman.. the art teacher.. always held him in high praise. In basics, Piet was more sure of himself.,.. not just fresh out of school like the rest of us.

Piet was a very amazing guy and his passing was a loss to all of us...

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Story by Peter
on 2008-05-31 16:45:28

As part of Operation Askari in 1983/1984, the first attack by South African mechanised infantry on Cuvelai began on the morning of 31 December 1983. During the initial assault an 81mm mortar platoon and the artillery were tasked to provide indirect fire support. The South Africans, who were not visible directly from the Cuvelai base, were met by intense 23mm fire. The officer in command of the mortar section, Second Lieutenant P.M. Liebenberg, lifted the mortar fire by 50 metre leaps to try and suppress this fire, but shortly after the beginning of the attack, the mortars suddenly became quiet as an enemy 23mm gunner hit the tower of Liebenberg's Ratel, fatally wounding him.

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Story by Johan v/d Spuy
on 2008-06-04 15:08:31

Piet was 'n stil voorbeeldige leier. Lt Anton Melck het net oor die radio gese "Moenie vir Piet roep nie-hy is nie meer daar nie"

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Story by Niel Wiid
on 2009-10-24 12:11:25

Killed in Action (23mm in the head) 31st December 1983

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Story by Johan v/d Spuy
on 2011-12-30 23:01:12

28 Jaar vandag.Mag ons jou nooit vergeet nie!Rus in vrede

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