Unit Information: 24 Squadron, SAAF

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24 Squadron, SAAF
Total Deaths
"Per Noctem Per Diem" (Through Night, Through Day)

By renumbering 14 Squadron, 24 Squadron was formed in East Africa on 5 March 1941. Although given Maryland bombers, these were replaced by Bostons in the ensuing Western Desert campaign. In December 1943 the squadron re-equipped with the Marauder Mk II, and later with the Mk III version. After flying its last operation in April 1945, the Marauders were converted to transports. Disbandenment came on 6 November 1945.

Reformed at Bloemspruit in April 1946 with B-34 Venturas, a citizen force complement of Harards was added in 1948, but was disbanded on 1 January 1951. With the purchase of the Buccaneer, the squadron was reformed at RNAS Lossiemouth in May 1965 before flying back to Waterkloof with their new additions. The Buccaneers performed sterling work during the Border War, with their long range and ability to air-refuel themselves and the Mirage F1AZ. As attirtion took their toll, Impala MkI aircraft were added to the fleet to maintain pilot proficiency and as a weapons trainer.

The squadron was disbanded in March 1991.

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