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Central Flying School
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"Facta Nostra Vivent" (Our Deeds Shall Live)

The Central Flying School (CFS) was established at Zwartkop Air Station in 1932 to train both pupil pilots and instructors using DH-9s, Avian IVMs and Wapiti IIIs. With the outbreak of the Second World War and the consequent need for more instructors, the CFS was changed to a school for instructors only in November 1939 and moved to Kimberley. In May 1940 the School moved to Tempe Airfield, Bloemfontein, where it was renamed 62 Air School on 11 November 1940, although it was still referred to as 'CFS'. On 24 February 1945, 62 Air School was disbanded.

Reformed in 1946 at the wartime training centre at AFS Nigel (renamed Dunnottar in 1949) with Harvards, Oxfords and Tiger Moths, the Central Flying School once again trained both pupil pilots and instructors. In February 1968 the School changed its name to Flying Training School Dunnottar, but reverted back to its CFS title in January 1977.

The CFS moved to Langebaanweg in December 1991, still equipped with Harvards. After 53 years of training SAAF pilots, the venerable Harvard was finally replaced by the PC-7 Mk II Astra in November 1995.

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