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34/202 Battalion, SWATF
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34 Battalion was commonly known as the "Kavangoland Battalion". It was established in 1975 as 1 Kavango Battalion as a ceremonial guard of honour. It was then renamed 34 Battalion before finally being renamed 202 Battalion.

It consisted of an HQ, Support Company, 4 Line Companies (Buffel APC), Armoured Reconnaissance wing of 2 Platoons and 4 Eland 90s. Usually also had a attached SA Army Infantry Company.

The main base was at Rundu, but there was an outside base at Mashari, approx 60 kilometres (37 mi) east of Rundu, where Charlie and Delta companies were routinely stationed. The Mashari base was in an old TB hospital. They were co-located with a BRUSH unit.

As part of Sector 20, their main area of responsibility was from Rundu West as far as Sector 10 and East up to the Bagani bridge.

The battalion's role was primarily that of light infantry, with some mounted (berede) troops and a Romeo Mike team (Afrikaans Reaksie Mag).

Initially the unit was manned primarily with Kavango troops but later a large number of turned SWAPO Cadres. The first Kavango instructors were trained in 1979. The first Kavango officer was commissioned in 1980 and the first group of sergeants were promoted that same year.

The unit had its first skirmish in 1979. Thereafter they took part in most of the major operations in the operational area. They were credited with completely suppressing all insurgency activities in the Kavango region by 1987.


The unit's choir was formed in 1985. They won their section of the Roodepoort Eisteddford 1987.

The choir's main exposure to the public occurred when they took art in the Kavango song festival. They won acclaim at the 1996 song festival at the University of Stellenbosch and were invited to perform for the State President at his Cape Town residence. They also had a combined tour with the Drakensberg Boys' Choir.

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