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25 May 2018

==Roll of Honour==
<ref name=WILLHROH>{{cite web|last1=Dovey|first1=John|title=SA Roll of Honour: Willoughby's Horse|url=||publisher=Just Done Productions Publishing|accessdate=25 May 2018}}</ref>
{{efn|name=Star|This person is marked on the Fort Klapperkop Memorial wall with an * as having died during operations or in combat.}}
{{div col|2}}
* {{Timeline-event|date=1881|event=Allen,A.J., Tpr <ref name=WILLHROH />{{rp|35548}}}}
* {{Timeline-event|date=1881|event=Curson,, Tpr <ref name=WILLHROH />{{rp|35549}}}}
* {{Timeline-event|date=1881|event=Hogarth,F., Tpr <ref name=WILLHROH />{{rp|35550}}}}
* {{Timeline-event|date=1881|event=White,, Pte <ref name=WILLHROH />{{rp|35551}}}}
{{div end}}




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