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So many of us lead busy lives which leave us with too little time to focus on the things that really matter. We would all love to have time to sort and arrange and somehow preserve the artworks that our children bring home from school, together with other bits and pieces that are special to them and us. We have a solution to assist you to make sure that you can preserve those memories and special treasures.

We will take them all and convert them into a printed book by scanning or photographing them and then laying them out in a book format.

I know I could do this myself ...

But I just don't have the time. What a pleasure to be able to hand it all to you to do for me!

This book of memories can include almost anything but our suggestion is that you see it as a personal “year-book” for your child. This can include their artwork, class or school photos, photos of their sports events and even their report card! A nice touch would be for you to write something special that could be included, a letter or note that you child could look back on in later years and remember fondly.

Every year it is difficult to find the perfect gift for your child’s class teacher. Why not consider having a book of memories made. It could include a photo of each child in the class, along with some of their artwork or photos where they appear together with a special message. Of course, you might want to keep a copy for yourself…

What a magnificent Idea!

I Love the concept, and I'm definitely going to get the parents together this year to make this happen for my Daughter's class!

Similar books could be created for any special occasion or event. You might want to celebrate the 70th birthday of your Gran… with a photographic record from her birth to the actual day, together with special letters or other things of importance.

Books for Special Occasions
by Just Done Productions

We Design, Layout and print books for special occasions

Wedding Photo Books

Beautifully produced books that include not only the photos but copies of the special touches such as your wedding invitations and scans of petals from your flowers.

Class Year-book

A class year-book is a wonderful way to preserve memories for you and your child. For younger children, it could be a selected artwork from each child, together with a photo of each child and a little bit of text. You could also include the class photo and photos of any excursions that the class undertook.

The parents of the children in the class can club together to commission a year book which would reduce the costs to each family.

Children's Artwork

We will take all your child's artworks, scan them and lay them out in a book form. To this we can add other items that you have, birthday cards or photos, a letter from you to your child or anything else you can think of.

Once the book has been prepared, it can be printed for your enjoyment and that of members of your family, or you can distribute the electronic version of the book to all your friends and family.

A collection of books per year of your child's life. Class photos, report cards and certificates of achievement can all be preserved in a durable format and would make a wonderful gift to your child when they reach 21.

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